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VideoModule .. ruggedized enclosures for machine vision

Machine vision hardware requires clean conditions for reliable function. But vision hardware in the manufacturing environment is exposed to dust and chips, weld spatter, vapors, coolant mist and spray, caustic fluids, excessive heat and cold. This leads to degraded performance, premature failure, costly maintenance, lost production.

TECTIVITY, INC. is pleased to present the VideoModule, Types AX and MX, and LEDModule family of ruggedized enclosure systems for machine vision hardware. These fourth generation enclosures are more compact, with the feature set that our customers requested. VideoModule accommodates most current machine vision cameras and smart image sensors, and its features provide these application benefits:

Sealed Enclosure -- keeps out particulates, liquids, spray, vapors -- tamper-proofs vision equipment.
Compact Size -- maximizes access to the manufacturing process.
Raised Optical Window -- sheds debris, easy to clean -- treated glass resists scuffing.
Sealed Lense Extension Cover -- facilitates camera setup without disturbing installation.
Ruggedized Construction -- for superior mechanical protection.
Industrialized Electrical Connectors -- quick connects for power, video out, camera controls, lighting, etc. -- else, grommeted cabling options.
Plug-and-Play -- four mounting screws and electrical connector(s) -- and presto, a new unit is installed.
Installation Flexibility -- in any position depending on camera orientation limitations.
Integrated Illuminators -- and electronic controls for enhanced imaging options -- and more features.

Robust and low mass, the VideoModule is well suited also for robot-arm applications; the end cap and lense cover (the "Extension") are sealed with silicone gaskets that are compatible with most shop-floor environments, also for food processing, pharmaceutical and beyond. Tectivity supplies the VideoModule as kits, see models and options PDF file. Also available are ready-to-install turnkey VideoModule systems assembled with customer specified camera and optics, plus options -- including bandpass filter, integral illuminator, light strobing, thermostat controlled cooling/heating, AR coated optical window, etc. -- for their specific machine vision, remote viewing and other sensing applications; please, inquire for details.

For off-axis illumination, or where more lighting is indicated, the LEDModule with spot/flood light is an excellent option for the VideoModule. Most light options use integrated LED illuminators utilizing AI's Evenlite structured lighting technology.
Installation templates (AutoCAD format) available upon request.

VideoModule Product Sheet (In PDF File Format)
  • Application FAQs
  • Models and Options
  • RingLight Selection Guide
  • SpotLight Selection Guide
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Product Description

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