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Milford, MI 48380
Phone: (248) 676-9797
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E-Mail: info@tectivity.com

Tectivity is a Sales Representative and Distributor of computer imaging components 
including hardware, software, and engineering services.




Versatile, high-quality line of manual and motorized CCTV lenses.


Manual and motorized CCTV lenses to 12MP-quality. Lenses from 6 mm to 75 mm, available with focus and iris locks.

Qioptiq (Linos/Rodenstock)

Qioptiq (formerly LINOS/Rodenstock) offers a selection of speciality lenses, including line scan, macro, measuring, miniature inspection, and standard CCD lenses. They also offer a full line of larger format lenses.


Video microscope systems including all types of micro and macro zoom lensing and accessories. Telecentric lenses.


Varifocal, Monofocal and Zoom lens, High-Res, and Super Hi-Res C Mount Lenses. 35 mm and larger format lenses as well.

Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering is a supplier of telecentric lenses, 360 degree lenses (ID and OD), LED pattern projectors, and other specialty optics you won't see anywhere else!

Theia Technologies

Theia makes specialty distortion corrected wide and super wide angle lenses. FOVs up to 135 degres in horizontal plane. Fixed, varifocal, and motorized.


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